Friday, June 23, 2023

Dr. Robert Bard Presents at the 2023 NIDIskin Spring Symposium VIII

 May 19 & 20, 2023- Dr. Robert L. Bard, (Cancer Diagnostic Imaging Specialist, NYC) joins an international panel of clinical experts to lecture at the 8th Annual NIDIskin Fall Symposium.  This educational event which took place at the Weill Cornell Medical School Uris Auditorium offered an Evidence-Based Dermatology presentation to support the dermatological imaging society. 

Dr. Bard launched his special presentation on WOUND HEALING IN SKIN OF COLOR: EFFECT OF PULSED BIOFIELD TREATMENTS ON INTRADERMAL TOXINS. As an avid speaker in medical conferences, Dr. Bard donates his expertise in support of the current and next generation of clinicians by sharing his findings through vivid scanned images of pathology.  His lecture focused on his latest research project, applying non-invasive regenerative devices such as PEMF and NEAR INFRARED THERAPY to address toxin-infected skin disorders.  His case study collects clinical data and measures the therapeutic effects on the body through the use of Doppler blood flow ultrasound imaging and elastography.

Dr. Bard's combines 35+ years of clinical experience in identifying skin cancers and melanoma, where his interpretation is highly recognized by dermatologists and cancer specialists alike. His presentation summarizes the collection of quantified biometrics supported by real-time imaging from advanced ultrasound applications. His approach to capturing a time-based BEFORE AND AFTER paradigm covers identifying the original pathology (or base line) and activated results of the energy based therapeutics applied in order to record their efficacy. According to Dr. Bard, "this form of research is invaluable on the academic stage as well as supporting innovations when applying for FDA clearance or submitting these devices to market".

The NIDIskin Fall Symposium is the first accredited Confocal Microscopy Reader’s course in the United States, and the only one of its kind in the world, where attendees begin their journey toward mastering a new specialty, gain basic proficiency in two days, and can practice signing real cases in our proprietary simulation portal that mimics the experience of signing cases in real life. 

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