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IPHA NEWS recently nominated Ms. Mary Nielsen to the PMCC (Post Military Crusaders Coalition) for establishing "Uphold our Troops"-  a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships for military veterans and their families so that they can become psilocybin facilitators.  In this interview, we share Ms. Nielsen's heartfelt drive to bring a remarkable form of support to the many cases of military trauma and as a supplemental initiative to suicide prevention.


* 67% No longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis after two months of treatment. “What makes this moment different from 20 years ago is the widespread recognition that we should leave no stone unturned in identifying new treatments for PTSD,”  -Dr. John Krystal, the chair of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine

* “We currently deal with PTSD as something that needs to be managed in an ongoing way, but this approach represents real hope for long-term healing,”  -Rachel Yehuda, professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

4/25/2023: From an exclusive interview with MARY NIELSEN

WHAT IS PSYILOCYBIN? They're crudely called "magic mushrooms"-- they're psychedelic mushrooms classified as a schedule 1 drug in the 1970s by Richard Nixon with the Controlled Substances Act. There was been a lot of research prior to this legislation that was completely shut down. Universities and organizations that were studying this and conducting clinical trials could not have access to psilocybin. So an underground psilocybin network continued and some recent push with John Hopkins University Hospital initiated some clinical trials that show absolutely clear evidence of medicinal effect from three doses of psilocybin.  

This isn't an SSRI medication that you are going to have to be on the rest of your life, then you'll need other meds to counteract the side effects. It's one to three psilocybin journeys with a guide and then some talk therapy in between has psilocybin rewiring your brain.  It creates greater neuroplasticity, creates greater neuron activity, and allows you to look and have different creative problem solving a abilities.  Within three months, the patients are no longer showing signs of  having PTSD. They are off of their medications. They are able to function in the world without the anxiety and the deep depression-- and they're able to hold jobs. On their own, they are getting off of alcohol, narcotics and whatever other substances they were on. It's truly remarkable and things have moved into phase two clinical trials, and we are hoping that it is going to be declassified as a Schedule one drug by 2024.

UPHOLD OUR TROOPS is In the state of Oregon, where psilocybin has received a legal framework (as of January, 2023) this allows veterans who have struggled with anxiety, PTSD and substance use disorders to work with other veterans who are also struggling with those same issues to get some of the healing benefits of psilocybin.

Psilocybin has been proven in clinical trials to alleviate many symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, substance use (etc)- the very issues that our veterans are struggling with. The reason why I established this foundation is because I learned about these occupational issues in the military from the many reports of our soldiers' experiences during our 20-year military intervention with Afghanistan.  During those 20 years, a little over 7,000 military personnel died in combat or some type of military interaction. But in that same 20 year period of time, 30,000 veterans committed suicide-- that's four times more deaths by their own hands than getting killed in battle! 

It broke my heart to learn that our country, the VA, the medical system and the mental health system has not done much for our men and women who served their country.  To underserve those who have gone off to fight for the ideals that our country is based on.  How is it that we can't do anything better, that we just keep doing the same old thing and throwing the same old money at it? It's unconscionable.

 Psilocybin is a plant-based medicine and it has been around for centuries with a proven track record of its healing properties. It is not addictive. It's out of your system in 24 hours. As a chemical based psychedelic MDMA or LSD, which is made with chemicals versus a plant and something that's in nature creates more of a connection really with us as human beings in nature.  Culturally, some of the indigenous tribes were using it for ceremonial or religious purposes to create a bond between humans in nature

Right now, clinical use of Psilocybin is approved and available in the state of Oregon. It is in the works in Colorado, Washington DC, Hawaii, Washington State, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. There's just been such a voice coming out from different research organizations and people's own anecdotal findings lately as far as evidence of what psilocybin and other psychedelics can do to address these disorders. 

In Oregon (as the first state in the country with a legal framework), people are concerned about the growing lot of misinformation-- that it is like a dispensary model with cannabis.  This is not its intent. A person who wishes to have psilocybin services doesn't need a mental health referral from a mental health professional. They can go to a service center where all psilocybin must be consumed on the spot and the person must stay on site for a certain period of time based on the dose of psilocybin that they receive. They spend their time with a facilitator (but prior meeting with a facilitator for a consultation is optional) and then there's a 24-hour waiting period. 

More and more members of the healing community find psychedelic entheogenic medicine to have the potential to heal and help so many and could shift the mental health crisis in our country. The slow cogs of government change need to engage a little more, but I think grassroots efforts in individual pockets of our country will make an impact- perhaps anywhere from five or ten years. Its incredible (to me) that the COVID vaccine could get FDA fast-tracked to save lives, yet psychedelics can't get fast-tracked for life saving mental health. 

Suicide Prevention Hotline; Text 988 or call 1-800-273-TALK

AUTHOR: Mary Nielsen is the entrepreneurial founder of Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training. Mary is the Executive Director and founder of Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Institute (www.spectrumlasertraining.com), the OG of Fearless Beauties (www.fearlessbeauties.org) and an author of several textbooks. She believes in the empowerment found in education and in supporting complementary methods for enacting the highest level of healing, including psychedelic facilitator training.  Mary serves on the Advisory Board for Private Career Schools in Oregon.

As we enter a new phase of understanding and healing trauma, we need to upgrade the tools and approaches we use to help people move forward in their lives. Psilocybin is one of these tools that is now finally gaining traction in our modern world as research validates what indigenous healers have known and observed for thousands of years: psilocybin can provide powerful healing.

Mental and emotional health are linked with our spiritual and physical health, and one of the reasons psilocybin may be so effective is that it addresses these multiple layers. Psilocybin essentially “rewires” the brain by reducing inflammation and changing dysfunctional patterns in the brain that occur with trauma - including PTSD. It also enables profound spiritual experiences that enable seeing one’s life from a different perspective. Research shows that these changes are fairly rapid and permanent. But the impacts of trauma and PTSD go beyond the individual. 

One of the major areas of stress and dysfunction that people experience in their lives is in relationships. We all live in relationship – to ourselves, our families, people in our workplaces and communities. This is even more evident when people have experienced trauma. When a person is suffering from the effects of trauma, their interactions with others suffer too. Therefore, once the initial healing occurs, there is much more that needs to be addressed to restore full health. 

We are each unique, and the scientific advances of genomics and epigenetics have shown us how our DNA impacts physical, emotional and mental health – and why people have different responses to the same types of experiences. This includes trauma. How we approach trauma needs to reflect the commonalities of experiences while honoring the uniqueness of each person. 

Just as psilocybin is revolutionizing how we address PTSD and other trauma on multiple levels, so is Human Design revolutionizing how we support health and healing for each individual. It is also a powerful tool to extend that healing to relationships. 

HUMAN DESIGN is a relatively new modality that integrates many ancient wisdoms with modern science. A synthesis of astrology, the Kabballah, the I’Ching, and Hindu chakras along with the neutrinos of modern quantum physics, this provides deep insights into how we are energetically designed to be and move through the world – including our relationships. 

While not a replacement for effective integration and therapy, I have found that Human Design can provide a deeper level of insight to personalize strategies for approaching relationships from a different perspective. Human Design provides an energetic and spiritual blueprint that goes below the surface of who we think we are supposed to be, and whom others expect us to be. Similar to the breakthrough insights with psilocybin, Human Design shows us who we are at our core. This enables us to see ourselves from a new perspective, free of the identities and beliefs we’ve adopted through our life experiences in order to survive but aren’t really supporting our long-term emotional and spiritual health. 

One of the things I find so refreshing about Human Design is that it provides a living, breathing framework for people to experiment with. The tapestry created by the many layers is not a fixed set of external rules or expectations. Rather, it provides a compass for each person to discover their own inner wisdom and access their own decision-making process. As they experiment with this new way of seeing and being themselves, the affirmation and locus of control is internal. This shift from external events over which we have no control to an internal one that is always available and aligned with our true self is such a stark contrast to what most of us have experienced throughout our lives – especially those who have experienced trauma. 

As each person starts to reclaim themselves from the effects of their traumas, understanding their design can help them they can fast-track healing of their relationships as well. They have a practical framework and new tools to understand the concept of relationships being made up of three distinct energetic entities: me, you, and us. It is no longer me against you, my needs vs yours because it becomes clear what those needs are – and how to meet those needs in a conscious way. 
So much of the hidden agendas and beliefs of how things should be are now revealed, and the relief is instantaneous. Now each person understands how to be themselves, without blame, without the unconscious need to control that leads to power struggles. The relationship becomes a curious experiment, a safe place to explore, with a transparent framework that illuminates the gifts and challenges inherent within their relationship as well as the tools to navigate them effectively.


ROBERTA KLINE, MD (Educational Dir. /Women's Diagnostic Group)
Dr. Kline is a board-certified ObGyn physician, Integrative Personalized Medicine expert, consultant, author, and educator whose mission is to change how we approach health and deliver healthcare. She helped to create the Integrative & Functional Medicine program for a family practice residency, has consulted with Sodexo to implement the first personalized nutrition menu for healthcare facilities, and serves as Education Director for several organizations including the Women’s Diagnostic Health Network, Mommies on a Mission. Learn more at https://robertaklinemd.com/

The research is pretty unequivocal: eating a plant-based, whole food diet is overall one of the healthiest strategies. But there are many ways to implement this into one’s diet. For some people, this looks like a Mediterranean Diet. Paleo is another common choice. Others opt for a vegetarian or even vegan diet. And many people will thrive on their chosen version. But did you know your genes play a large role in what foods best support your health, and if you don’t choose accordingly the best intentions can actually harm you? Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve this problem: know your genes.

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The Major Occupational Hazard of Post Traumatic Recall (PTSD) - part 1

Updated 1/2/2023 

High risk professions like law enforcement, military service, healthcare and emergency response are known to have exposure to some of the most extreme levels of trauma - both physically and psychologically.  They range in effects from manageable symptoms to crippling disorders.  Over time, most people overcome disturbing or traumatic experiences and continue to work and live their lives. But others who get affected by traumatic experiences may trigger a reaction that can last for months or even years. This is called Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Proportionately, studies have shown a lower percentage of retirees from such challenging careers acquire PTSD (from 15-20%) while an estimated 30-40% who suffer from PTSD associated symptoms go undetected or do not register as full cases. A larger percentage ‘on the job’ might be able to maintain the expected work standards throughout their career and even make it to retirement without visible signs. But “POST traumatic recall” leading to fully blown PTSD occurs when repeated exposure to trauma compounds on the tolerance capacity that eventually, one’s coping ability collapses.  The individual may feel stages of grief, depression, anxiety, guilt or anger from uncontrollable issues like recurring flashbacks and nightmares. [1]

(A field report by: Jessica Glynn, CSW)
PTSD can occur in all different extremes with at-risk professionals (like cops, responders and veterans). The trauma that they experience are above the ordinary that they could cause extreme flashbacks, anxiety and depression—heavily affecting their quality of life. The average civilian is also prone to this disorder starting with MICRO-TRAUMAS that can happen to everybody throughout any point in their lifetime.  Usually stemmed from childhood issues, micro-traumas actually shape the way an individual reacts to other people. As an example, child bullying may lead to developing a protective or defensive personality disorder.  Anytime they feel disrespected or embarrassed by others, feelings of extreme uncontrollable anger may arise without knowing the source of the hurt or why they're acting in that way.  This dilemma often causes problems in relationships.

Similarly, a first responder who experiences extreme traumas like horrendous disasters may stick with them in a much harsher way that could lead to flashbacks that are hallucinatory.  If gone unchecked or untreated, these symptoms (including auditory hallucinations) can get increasingly more intense and expand to other symptoms that can affect their daily functions.  A common way that anxiety can debilitate a sufferer is from recurrent lack of sleep disrupted by bad dreams triggered by the traumatic event.

Enduring trauma is different and unique for everyone. Some cases are event-specific (having intense auditory impact or visual intensity of a terrifying event) while other cases are contingent upon the tolerance of an individual. There are people who are more emotionally expressive than others- and that might help with if they talk about the trauma that they've been through. A latent emotional disorder like PTSD symptoms can come out over time just like anything that is suppressed or repressed. It could take some time for somebody who came back from combat or a first responder who has been in a traumatic event to show signs of disturbance. They could be holding it in and repeatedly thinking about it privately (or ruminating over it) allowing the disturbing memories to get more intense by the day.  This can often be a coping mechanism- protecting themselves from dark or negative feelings for a while, but eventually it builds up and can become symptomatic like flashbacks and anxiety, then leading to an eventual explosion.  Meanwhile, some people just have flashbacks right after the experience because of the way that everybody's brain processes differently. Others obsess over thoughts that keep popping up over and over again. It really just depends on the person.


2/11/2022- The Integrative Pain Healers Alliance (An AngioFoundation program) forges a 2022 coalition with supporting agencies and community leaders to launch an action plan to offer alternative health resources to injured American veterans. Similar to the First Responders Cancer Resource project, this campaign supports all veteran advocates and service members support organizations by offering educational initiatives, alternative therapeutic modalities, sustainable diagnostic technologies and clinical research programs. 

Aptly called the Post Military Crusaders' Coalition (PMCC), prime supporters including renowned "cancer detective" Dr. Robert L. Bard (who himself was an injured veteran from Viet Nam) was part of the original coalition design team to coordinate effective resources for the many injured service personnel. Dr. Bard & Co. aligned with their extensive national network of health specialists, biotech companies and medical innovators to collectively evaluate some of the most critical health issues of veterans (from PTSD, TBI, Cancers, Neurological issues and Toxic Exposures). Like IPHA's prior support initiatives for injured rescue professionals, the post-military project carries common sentiments of public support by bringing valued aid to those who gave all. 

One of the first veteran support groups to throw their “hat in the ring" is Micaela Bensko, founder of Veterans In Pain. V.I.P. facilitates cellular and alternative medical solutions for Veterans suffering from chronic pain, by connecting civilian physicians with our country’s heroes, nationwide. Having provided approximately $3,000,000 in value of services for Veterans who had otherwise lost hope, V.I.P. was one of IPHA's first veteran support allies since 2020. V.I.P.’s research division focuses on service-borne inflammatory conditions, and its legislative initiative includes government funding for cellular solutions for Veterans in need. 

Recently, an advocacy powerhouse was officially added to the PMCC team; U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) GRETCHEN EVANS (Team UNBROKEN Adventure Racing Team, Cost of Freedom, Inc. No Barriers USA Ambassador). Under her last active command, she secured and oversaw more than 30,000 ground troops in Afghanistan, earning her major awards including the Bronze Star and the Presidential Unit Citation Medal among others. An exemplary career was cut short in 2006 by a massive enemy rocket blast which caused Ms. Evans to use her debilitating injuries to benefit others. She implemented her signature 'pay it forward' principles by building programs to support empowerment in injured veterans as a mentor, coach, and community activist. Her entire work history proves to be a priceless asset as a technical advisor and collaborator for the PMCC veterans resources.  "When it comes to injured veterans, there is no shortage of need for new answers. There are so many sustainable out-of-the-box innovations in the alternative orbit that should really be considered part of the veterans health programs. Our work is more than just about giving back; when you introduce some of these new health protocols, it suddenly brings HOPE where so many have given up!", stated Dr. Bobbi Kline, USAF veteran & IPHA research director. 

As the coalition continues to grow, the IPHA scientific research team is scheduled to launch the 2022 catalog of non-invasive health technologies and advanced alternative therapeutics including CELLULAR REGENERATION, GENOMICS, NEUROSTIM & NEUROMAGNETIC THERAPIES. Scheduled for the Fall of 2022, this catalog will be presented to military health agencies and veterans support groups to be considered for clinical research and for systemwide patient use. 

For more information on IPHA's PMCC program, visit: www.PainHealersGroup.com or call 631-920-5757. Additional info on Veterans in Pain: visit: www.veteransinpain.org.

Advocacy Leadership Spotlight: Meet Daniel Drapeau- PTSD Awareness

IPHA News is proud to present one of Canada’s honored advocates for Post-Military life.  As a retired military professional, Mr. Dan Drapeau’s more recent initiatives include his volunteer work for the recent generations of retirees – including those suffering from PTSD. Mr. Drapeau also volunteered once a week as an interpreter at the Canadian War Museum. In 1974, he joined the Canadian Force Armoured Corps then enlisted in the UN Mission for serve some of the most underserved areas of the world.  

Our editors connected with Mr. Drapeau in this exclusive interview about post military injuries and his own journey with surviving the “voices and ghosts” of war.  “No matter what trade you are in, anyone suffering from PTSD… please get help!  Go and get some help because you, you owe it to your family and your friend and yourself. Go and get some help because you are living with a cancer- the kind that chews you up slowly. Uh, in my case, I had two strokes because of PTSD. I have a brain illness cause of PTSD and because it keeps your blood pressure up the roof. So please get help- your family deserves better knowing you can be a better you than the one you are under PTSD.”

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH ISSUES IN THE MILITARY: Excerpts from an interview with Daniel Drapeau

There's a term they say "you leave as a boy, come back as a man".  War changes you – and you only have two choices; you cry and go underground and hide, or you [become] a man and fight.  That was a rule. You cannot be a coward. If you're a coward, they'll kick you out.  Staying in the military, you need to push everything inside and build walls so that nothing can bother you after a while.  Unfortunately, over time, your wall falls apart and [eventually] this leads to problems.

I found a saying in one of my tours: "VIOLENCE IS THE LAST RESORT FOR THE IMBECILE" written on a rock in No Man's land between Syria and Israel during the Yom Kippur War.  The message here was stating that it's much easier to do war than do peace.  Unfortunately, in today's world, it's more crazy [than ever with] violence and war than ever before – as if any excuse is good to start a war with your neighbor. It seems like there's no boundaries about how far stupidity can go.  We tend to react the wrong way instead of thinking twice before acting.

(See complete feature)


IPHA-TV and the Women's Health Network celebrates LEADERSHIP and ROLE MODELING with our 2022 spotlight series. Meet Marjorie K. Eastman, a veteran who served two combat tours, an independent award-winning author and entrepreneur, a military spouse and mother. Marjorie is running for U.S. Senate because we are in desperate need of frontline leadership in Washington for North Carolina.


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Written by: Lennard Gettz & Jordan Pimental

4/16/2023- I woke up this morning with headlines warning "3 Billion Chrome users that Google Chrome is compromised with the ZERO DAY hack". Top-liners in my newsfeeds about "losing my bank account" certainly caught my attention!   Oh Joy- another horrible thing from our modern world. This is our unfortunate reality as part of our "new normal"-- including a global pandemic, threat of nuclear Armageddon, domestic mass shootings and getting your life exposed in the dark web by hackers- all can happen at any given moment.

System security advisors like Adam Karp of KL Tech identifies a global rise in data breaches and victim rates.  He attributes the public complacency and decline in security proactivity in the private sector in part "to the disaster fatigue from our mainstream news... After a while, people just tune off to the news and hope THEY are not to be a statistic". 

The Covid-19 pandemic was a hot time to get attacked! Reports showed a spike of over 30% in attacks to businesses and personal systems [7]. Admittedly, until a few years ago, I was part of this global elite (which translates to complacent and lazy) who counted on the sheer luck and hopes of having enough internet security, ignoring headlines of current cyber threats to many off my own Apps. I never updated my malwarebytes, ignored popups about updating browsers and haphazardly opened unknown eamils.  My last virus attack was back in 2015-- leading me to think "so why should I get one now?"  But after 6 of my friends and clients have actually been victimized by cybercrimes during the pandemic, I witnessed firsthand the true terror and destruction that this inflicts on one's actual LIFE.  This made it all REAL for me! The last thing I would ever do again is ignore such warnings - especially from Google themselves.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) tracks actors involved in information operations (IO), government backed attacks and financially motivated abuse. For years, TAG has been tracking the activities of commercial spyware vendors to protect users. [1]

Today's headlines about GOOGLE CHROME being compromised made me stop in my tracks to step up and "FIX" my browsers myself. Where most business owners will push this off to their I.T. people, my tech consultants offer me sage advice to be more HANDS-ON with the essentials - simple stuff like BLOCKING unknown emails and UPDATING your browsers.

The public confidence for Google products remains high because of their due diligence and major investment in maintaining their security. As such, an emergency update fix has already been created (otherwise known as a PATCH) and can be installed by updating your Chrome browser. [2]

Before logging into any of your favorite apps or websites, you can find over 9M search results worth of headlines reporting on this hack. [GOOGLE SEARCH LINK: "GOOGLE CHROME>ZERO DAY HACK>2023"] By clicking on ANY of the headlines about this ZERO DAY HACK, many of the articles also include instructions on how to protect yourself, simply by UPDATING YOUR BROWSER.

How do you update Google Chrome browser?

Get a Chrome update when available

¡ On your desktop, touch the 3 dots on the top right of the browser

¡ Select HELP > About Google Chrome

¡ The center screen should automatically UPDATE Chrome to the most current setting

¡ To make sure, type "UPDATE' in the search box

We all look at the mighty Google to be a tech giant, investing millions upon millions in resources and security  to keep their users safe and happy. But guess what? Dozens of tech news has reported Google's security to be at constant attack. One of the first and most highly publicized Breach of Google started back in 2010 which sent alarms throughout the global community about the company's tracking surveillance requests from law enforcement[3]. Internet news recently highlights the TIMELINE of Google's Data Breach History, showing the tech giant to be a favorite target for data breaching with malicious cybercriminals. [4][5] 

First rule in security (home, bank, business or national)- NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. Attacks can come from anywhere at any time. No security protocol is fail-safe!  According to the Professional Alliance of Medical Data Protection, here are 15 suggested ways to protect your practice and your network from potential attacks. These are common, sensible and proven safety protocols to protect your network or system from being infiltrated by "the bad guys".  Click this thumbnail to enlarge and download. 


1) THREAT ANALYSIS GROUP | "Spyware vendors use 0-days and n-days against popular platforms" by Clement Lecigne/ 3/29/23- https://blog.google/threat-analysis-group/spyware-vendors-use-0-days-and-n-days-against-popular-platforms/

2) Google Chrome emergency update fixes first zero-day of 2023- By Sergiu Gatlan  (4/14/2023) | Bleeping Computer | https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/google-chrome-emergency-update-fixes-first-zero-day-of-2023/

3) Hackers Who Breached Google in 2010 Accessed Company's Surveillance Database - by Kim Zetter: https://www.wired.com/2013/05/google-surveillance-database/

4) GOOGLE DATA BREACHES HISTORY & FULL TIMELINE UP TO 2023- by T. McGovern. EarthWeb: https://earthweb.com/google-data-breaches/ https://earthweb.com/google-data-breaches/

5) Firewall Times - "Google Data Breaches: Full Timeline Through 2023" | By Michael X. Heiligenstein - https://firewalltimes.com/google-data-breach-timeline/

6) https://www.statista.com/statistics/1258261/covid-19-increase-in-cyber-attacks/

7) "Impact of COVID-19 on Cybersecurity" -  https://www2.deloitte.com/ch/en/pages/risk/articles/impact-covid-cybersecurity.html


 Source: ECOSMART NEWS  Vol 2-2024  By: Dr. Roberta Kline / Women’s Health Digest – Editor The role of environmental toxins in a wide variet...