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9/2/2022‐ In the spirit of a joint partnership for improved public wellness, a unique and special advocacy team was formed in Montreal, Canada between three unlikely yet profound champions in their own respective arenas.  This trio is comprised of a functional clinician (Professor Joseph Toy), an imaging specialist from NYC (Dr. Robert Bard) and a world class boxing champ (WBC Bridgerweight Oscar Rivas).  Their immediate synergy inspired a collective message for what will soon be part of the next episode of MEDICAL VISIONARIES, a wellness news series produced by IPHA (Integrative Pain Healers Alliance) and the AngioFoundation (501c3). This issue offers informative concepts about the growing trend in non-invasive alternatives including regenerative medicine in the athletic community.   

This alliance was formed at the Neuro Life Health Clinics (Cliniques Neuro-Vie Santé) and Healthy Recovery Institute (Institut du Rétablissement en Santé) in Montreal- when Mr. Rivas underwent electromagnetic treatments to support faster treatment recovery from his latest fight.  The appointment was scheduled on a Saturday (away from fans or disruptive public engagement). Under the professional management of Stephane Lepine, Oscar Rivas was introduced to Prof. Toy's neuromagnetic stimulation treatments which he expressed has "changed his entire perspective on wellness and physical maintenance".  For the better part of one year, the vast majority of his visits were about supporting PREVENTION protocols‐where PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field stimulation) was applied for its properties of cellular regeneration and overall wellness. 

In a private interview, the boxing champ expressed great appreciation and support of the benefits he has experienced with PEMF. "For over five years, I have been working with a specialized physiotherapist who started me on neuro-stimulation, and ever since, most of my treatments followed this same approach. Out of everything I tried, this is where I see the biggest results so far!  I looked to neuro-stimulation to get me back on track as quick as possible after harsh training and my (many) injuries from recent fights—and past injuries from years of boxing.  I always look forward to doing kind of a reset of the muscles and tissues."

Prof. Joseph Toy, often known as “Dr. SIFU” by many of his patients, friends and supporters is a 9th degree black belt Kung Fu Master- with a history of opening 16 martial arts schools worldwide. Prof. Toy applied this extensive mastery to his academic studies in Biochemical Engineering that created a unique international healing career in energy therapy.  Today, he continues to tap into the potential of Pulsed Electromagnetics to further his research to over 2000 different pathologies.  "Cell regeneration is a very real science that is part of many existing modalities.  It's what helps our bodies recover from injury and prevent us from deteriorating. As an example, energy healing is widely used for things like PTSD or depression and also anxiety. Using PEMF can help the brain recover faster.  There's also quite a bit of research out there about stroke injuries and concussion- complex disorders that offers so much promise and clear evidence to offer positive benefits to so many."


From a history of collaborative research and tag-team work on clinical care,  Prof. Toy has been a staunch supporter of DR. ROBERT BARD's work as a "visual validator".  For this complex case, Dr. Bard was called to the Montreal office to scan and confirm the effects of PEMF treatments.   "I am honored to work with some of the most open minded change-makers like "Dr. Toy"… and also Oscar, whose insight on personal wellness makes for a profound voice for the professional athletic community", states Dr. Bard.   "He clearly recognizes the value and effect of non-invasive innovations that can do so much for prevention and the care of sports related injuries. I am equally proud of how ultrasound technology has evolved so far in my lifetime that something like the portable model I took with me on the plane (the Terason T-3200) performed deep scanning of Oscar's injuries much the same way my full-sized hospital grade ultrasound back in the office.  To visually assess a treatment process in real time is such a game changer in the treatment process!"


PROF. JOSEPH JOCELYN TOY is world recognized as a PEMF Medical Protocol Specialist- credentialed for his research in treating military veterans with PTSD.  He received a 2022 fellowship from the AngioFoundation and is an active member of the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine (Dubai). ÓSCAR ANDRES RIVAS TORRES is a Colombian professional boxer who has held the WBC Bridgerweight title since 2021. He also challenged for the vacant WBC interim heavyweight title in 2019, and previously held the IBF International, WBC-NABF and WBO-NABO heavyweight titles. DR. ROBERT L. BARD specializes in advanced 3-D sonography to detect cancers of the breast, prostate, skin, thyroid and melanoma. He runs an active practice in NYC where he continues to develop new diagnostic protocols for other chronic disorders while partnering with therapeutic specialists to validate and confirm treatment efficacy.  

For more info on this press release, contact: Graciella Davi, IPHA-News Editor: 631-920-5757

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Part 2: IPHA NEWS continues a review about Oscar Rivas' philosophies on wellness, life extension and regenerative therapy with an expanded report on Professor Toy's PEMF review and Dr. Bard's Imaging alliance.  An upcoming interview will present former NYS Boxing Commissioner John Signorile about his longstanding career and professional his views on sports injuries and concussion cases.   

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A promising wave in neurostimulation technology is on a fast track to offering a new type of solution to supporting mental health, anxiety control, stress reduction and brain performance optimization.  Pursuing our current trend in personal electronics (of being portable, wearable and wifi-managed), many of these products are achieving a rise in popularity in the consumer market over their predecessors.


The two parts of healthcare are comprised of DIAGNOSTIC and THERAPEUTIC protocols.  Just a short leap in time, while peruising through your neighborhood drug store aisles, you may witness the upgrade (and explosion) in health related products.  The same testing products once accessible only in a doctor's office visit are now consumer versions of medical devices like the blood pressure cuff, the pulse oximeter, rapid (Covid-19) tests and blood test kits- all priced and readily available as off-the-shelf products. A similar evolution is the commercialized Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) home test kits.  These are lab exams that are now available without a prescription or a doctors' note- including: home colon test kits, pharmacogenetic tests to name a few.

The same goes treatment products- where consumer access to so many devices, medications

Enough data and biometrics have been collected on these issues for engineers to build out from (what they may consider) active formulas based on every available scientific and theoretical concept.

Digitizing the process of transcendental meditation, users of these solutions are enjoying the personalized regenerative care through an easy delivery system like a smart phone app.  Since the past decade, developers have carved a major market for this affordably-priced brain-health protocol for consumers and pro-sumers alike. Descriptions for this tech movement range  "digital stress redux", "brain fitness", "meditation on steroids" to "mental optimizer". 


Our tech research and review team is in constant search for the next technology breakthrough. Starting with the diagnostic readers, the 'brain health' market identifies The probable roots of y Problem solves

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