Saturday, April 16, 2022


4/16/2022 - An unfortunate alert to the awareness community is about a new pandemic in the war for public (free) speech of educators and health advocates.  This infection of conservative tyranny is a growing disruption by video hosts and search engines like YOUTUBE.  The CANCEL CULTURE through its AUTOMATED (AI DRIVEN) AUDITORS of our content is now scanning all uploads, searching for what it feels to be a violation of community guidelines- auto-judging our medical content as NUDITY OR SEXUAL CONTENT.

The Women's Diagnostic Network is a professional group of educators and clinical researchers united to collaborate, share resources and publish viewpoints and helpful information about women's health disorders.  Its members publish the most concerning topics  of our day for public awareness, including breast cancer, heart disease, pelvic floor issues such as urinary incontinence and endometriosis. As medical educators and wellness advocates of all health solutions, the publishers use the many valuable resources of social media to 'get the word out' and promote personal research. But when hosts like YOUTUBE's auto judge STRIKES your account, criticizing your content as PORNOGRAPHIC without as much as reviewing the entire video, this is truly a step backward in the world of education.

In this specific case, IMAGES were blatantly omitted (physically removed) from our video file.  In other cases, whole videos just disappeared or were 'temporarily' shut down + accounts were threatened - all because of images or footage that may appear to show suggestive anatomical parts in the name of medical presentation.  

These judges may be the same people who find biology textbooks pornographic.  Our videos and articles are by no means showing ANY SEXUAL CONTENT, unless of course YOUTUBE is run by such puritanical ultra-conservatives.  If you look at the examples of what they deemed suggestive, a doctor's hand holding a patient's and a woman getting acupuncture treatment.  



Please email your comments to: or leave your comment below. (We may publish this in our viewpoints as part of a new case we wish to build against Google- the proud owners of YouTube).

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