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November 15‐18, 2023‐ Dr. Robert Bard's graphic presentation was showcased in the 5th ISDS  Inflammatory  Skin  Disease Summit 2023 in Vienna, AU.  Dr. Bard's current review on the "ABSCOPAL  EFFECTS  OF  IMAGE  GUIDED  PULSED  BIOENERGY TREATMENT"  presents  his  findings  about  the  adjuvant treatment  effects  of  the  latest  in  non‐invasive  therapeutic solutions  such  as  pulsed  electromagnetic  therapy  irradiation (PEMF) and its potential in cell regenerative effects.  Dr. Bard’s poster  was  accepted  on  October  15  as  one  of  the  top  279 scientific contributors worldwide offering the most compelling discoveries and current reports. 

The “5th Inflammatory Skin Disease Summit: The Translational Revolution” (is) a unique and dynamic symposium, being held in Vienna, Austria, at the “Aula der Wissenschaften” on November 15-18, 2023.  After four very successful meetings in Vienna and in New York City in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2021, we have again taken upon the task of organizing such an important in-person meeting, in order to continue this path of therapeutic revolution and extend to other inflammatory skin diseases. We want to discuss new concepts and new developments in the field of inflammatory skin diseases and to devise and explore new therapeutic strategies. For the last meetings, we had been able to attract true leaders in their fields, with more than 600 participants from all over the world at the last meetings in New York (2021) and Vienna (2018). We have now established this conference on an every two-year basis."

According to a project manager from Mondial Congress & Events, "we are the biggest Professional Congress Organizer in Austria (PCO)... We have been working for ISDS and supported the organizing committee with the organization/logistics since the first edition in 2014. The community of ISDS is growing each year and. This year we are excited to welcome the community to our hometown." She added that this ISDS event had "more than 600 people registered, 33 Oral abstract presentations and 44 faculty speakers and a poster exhibition of over 279 abstracts have been accepted this year"

Since  the  inception  of  his  profound  career  in  cancer  research  and  advanced diagnostic  imaging  (1974),  Dr.  Bard  has  been  a  staunch  supporter  of  non‐invasive imaging technologies that has proven to offer significant quantitative biometrics for a wide range of clinical uses. He has authored an expansive list of medical texts and articles in medical journals about cancer imaging and reports about technological innovations. Moreover, he remains active  throughout his unending career by having presented in over 200 medical summits, symposiums and conferences both domestic and in Europe. From pre and post‐op scanning, clinical  research  validation  and  2nd  opinion  scans,  Dr.  Bard's  mission  as  a medical educator is to mobilize more effective strategies in pathology reporting and  data  gathering  through  the  use  of  ultrasound  functions.   He  is  globally recognized  in  conferences  and  throughout  the  medical  media  for  his informative  presentations  and  published  textbooks  on  diagnostic  imaging science‐ including his highly referenced IMAGE GUIDED PROCEDURES series. 

Dr. Bard employs  the use of 3D Doppler Sonogram and elastography imaging  to collect biometric data and  to record  the  efficacy  of  therapeutic  solutions.    This  includes  an  array  of  information  including  the  quantifiable measurement  of  blood  flow,  muscle  contractions  and  the  temporal measurement  of  the  treatment’s  effects  on  inflammation.  For  this  specific presentation,  the  technology  called  PEMF  (Pulsed  Electromagnetic  Field) technologist  Patrick  Ziemer,  founder  of  Aurawell  PEMF  to  support  this dermatological study by donating various product models to Dr. Bard’s research center.  “We recognize the value of Dr. Bard’s findings for the continuance and advancement of PEMF research… and certainly proving (clinically) that PEMF can affect the outcome and care of inflammatory skin disorders through imaging is a medical milestone for the non‐invasive and alternative health movements.”  

AURA  Wellness  PEMF  is  a  major  sponsor  of  Dr.  Bard’s  latest presentation  and  a  contributor  to  PEMF  innovations  for  his research.  Mr Ziemer himself is part of the ISDS Vienna Conference exhibitor lineup on November 15‐18.  With an extensive history in the development of PEMF science, Pat Ziemer started in 2002, co‐developing  and  promoting  the  therapeutic  use  of  PEMF  in  the equine society and expanded to high‐power applications in 2007.  

His  PEMF  devices  have  shown  to  improve  horses’  circulation, increasing  blood  oxygen,  lymphatic  stimulation,  relaxing muscle spasms,  enhancing  muscle  tone,  and  increasing  the  range  of motion in high performance horses.  In 2020, Mr. Ziemer’s PEMF officially made its way to human patients at the launch of AURA Wellness (brand)‐ carrying a professional grade, high voltage PEMF model  while  helping  advance  tremendous  research  and development toward the application of for‐human prototypes.  

It is noted that Dr. Bard continues to conduct pilot studies and publishing efficacy studies with PEMF devices (and other non‐invasive modalities)‐ including the latest models donated by AURA WELLNESS.  Dr. Bard’s research and publishing  programs  include  exploratory  testing  for  Pulsed  Bioenergy  solutions  for  enlarged  prostate (hyperplasia), dense breast tissue, endometrial symptoms, inflammatory skin disorders, urinary incontinence and an array of other health issues.  His work is under AngioResearch (501c3) and the recently launched Integrative Health Research Center in NYC.


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