Tuesday, June 13, 2023

2023 Research: Advanced use of Extracellular Vesicles for Today's Top CHRONIC Disorders

4/12/2023 - Dr. Paul Dreschnack, NY-based surgeon and biochemical researcher announced in a medical partnership conference with the FIRST RESPONDERS CANCER RESOURCE his multi-pathology design for a new set of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) research protocols. His research proposals are aimed to addressing some of the most highly challenging chronic disorders including PTSD, PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS, DIABETES, ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE,  and AMYHOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS.

Under a set of new blueprints, this clinically controlled set of case studies are joined by a select national research group from multiple parts of the US. Partnership plans are currently in its final stages of review with various EV drug product manufacturers of regenerative biologic products. "With support from some of the top pharma labs, we can explore a much wider set of potential applications of these nanoparticles with the hopes of someday receiving regulatory acceptance and public use", says Dr. Dreschnack.

Dr. Dreschnack initiated his exploration of the clinical advantages of EVs in 2021 under a 2.5 year case study on its use on pathological symptoms of Bell’s Palsy patients. Out of 7 volunteer cases, he concluded the study to uncover significant success and consistent results throughout this specialized research commitment. (Image-R) 

Modern medicine continues to advance in areas of cell regenerative therapies. The concept of Extracellular Vesicles therapy possesses optimal therapeutic potentiality through the use of therapeutic molecules that are a natural product of our stem cells. Various in vitro studies have exhibited these nanoparticles or Extracellular Vesicles to contain advanced numbers of proteins, mRNA and lipids - all working to safely and effectively address the progression of specific given diseases. Though no FDA regulatory clearances have been granted to the wide clinical use of EVs, continued research and clinical trials are underway to collect more data on EV applications and show substantial promise as novel treatment strategies for diseases. 

Launch plans for mid-2023 include IRB proposals, a national fundraising campaign and the submission to partner with specific development labs to conduct multi-validation medical studies of EVs. His new research A-team includes leaderships from the medical community including senior diagnostic imaging expert, Dr. Robert Bard (NYC), epigenetics and genomics expert Dr. Roberta Kline (NM), clinical psychiatrist Dr. Janice Greene (NYC), researcher Dr. Noelle Cutter and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya (CA). 

From an article published in the Journal of Modern Healing (3/2023), science advisor and epigenetics specialist Dr. Roberta Kline reported on the advancement of regenerative therapeutic strategies and their expanded avenues of success “far beyond just managing chronic diseases with long-term medications. EV’s show early promise to change this paradigm while exploring exactly how they work as the key to advancing both knowledge and integration into practice. Studying how EV’s alter gene expression through cell signaling and epigenetics will give us unique insights at the genetic and molecular level. The study of gene expression through genomics and epigenetics offers powerful synergy -whereby working together helps us reach this goal to understand and optimize the healing power of EV’s much faster.”

In addition, discussions about conducting early feasibility studies to optimize EVs performance through the use of PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC (PEMF) and PHOTOBIOMODULATION (near infrared light) technologies are also in the works. "We are in full support of the next stage in cell regenerative therapies", states Dr. Bard. "Conventional medicine deserves a major upgrade from modern science and interventional paradigms... and being part of the team to confirm such innovations is a truly historical privilege. Combining energy therapy has shown to advance treatment and regenerative functions, making this phase of the study a sensible and exciting option."

Dr. Dreschnack states with utmost confidence and the support of esteemed colleagues in the Biochemical research community that "the science is truly there... proving this to the world is the next step and having the right team will get us fast tracked to the finish line!"

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