Monday, March 21, 2022

Injured Veterans Program Receives Advanced Therapeutic Device Aid from PEMF Association

Mountlake Terrace, WA – March 19, 2022 - The Association of PEMF Professionals (AOPP) recently forged a supportive alliance with the Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation by donating an undisclosed number of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency) devices to help wounded veterans of America's armed forces suffering from a range of post-service injuries.

AOPP directors and clinical advisors have enacted a 2021 initiative to identify an expanding list of military service injuries that PEMF has been documented to addressing.  From chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues to head injuries and PTSD, therapists specializing in the use of PEMF worldwide have confirmed positive results of this technology as a helpful support to affected veterans. AOPP medical diagnostic advisor and military veteran Dr. Robert L. Bard promotes this campaign based on his service experience as well as his 35+ years in practice. "There is no shortage of need for  health resources for our active and retired service men and women. The severity of physiological and mental trauma that most of them undergo in just one or two tours can be so devastating... especially when trying to rejoin civilian life."

The AOPP was founded on the need for public education, therapeutic awareness, professional collaboration and credibility to the international PEMF community.  The group recognizes the science  and potential health benefits of PEMF for our many injured military veterans, that Executive Director Dr. Jerry Dreessen found it fitting to initiate an outreach to offer the technology help "veterans with  special and complex needs."

In March of 2021, the Association of PEMF Professionals launched their PTSD for Vets Program, designed to connect PEMF manufacturers and distributors to non-profit organizations and donate PEMF devices to help launch the pilot program. Having successfully used PEMF in his chiropractic practice, Dr. Dreessen connected with his long-time schoolmate, Randy Couture, who runs the Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation, which is dedicated to helping military vets. The AOPP was able to create a strategic alliance with the foundation, starting with their NW Chapter in Washington state, run by Pat Crosby, and launched the pilot program.

“Our primary goal is to reduce the symptoms of PTSD and the devastating effects it can have on our military vets. I found that using a space that was already set up where they can get free care, and using my connections as the Executive Director, made the whole thing happen in a very short period of time, without a ton of paperwork and red tape. We were grateful to have MagnaWave, a PEMF distributor located in Louisville, KY donate 3 machines to help us with the program. When I contacted Pat Ziemer, the owner of MagnaWave, he didn't hesitate to help us."

The Xtreme Couture GI Foundation works directly with companies that share the same goals of helping our nation’s military families. They also fund transition consultation services for veterans approved through an online application process who have been affected by PTSD, traumatic illness, downsizing, lay-offs, lateral moves and relocations.

There are many great outcomes for certain health issues using PEMF therapy. Unlike electrical stimulation devices, PEMF devices send nano pulses of specially calibrated magnetic fields, most commonly the one that mimics earth's natural magnetic field, which is 7.83 Hz. Since the device’s attachments don't need to be applied with gel, or adhered to the area to be treated, those under care can sit comfortably in a chair no need to gown up. The only limitations for treatment are electronic devices such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, TENS unit implants and insulin implants to name a few. 

Another property of PEMF is the ability to travel through bone to help speed up the healing of fractures and sprains and strains. These pulses have been shown to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow and blood oxygenation. PEMF  is a perfect technology for healing tissue naturally. PEMF therapy is showing favorable results with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and has been FDA approved to treat bladder incontinence and bone fractures. 

In other countries, PEMF has been a mainstream therapy for over 30 years. There have been over 2800 clinical trials completed using many different PEMF devices in many different countries, all with positive results

About The Association of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Professionals (AOPP)

The AOPP is the only professional association for PEMF therapy that unites, educates, and supports PEMF users, practitioners, distributors, and manufacturers. They offer internationally accepted certifications and professional development opportunities, and monitor and advocate for PEMF in legislation and regulation, and provide updated lists of science-based, peer reviewed PEMF research. The AOPP is made up of PEMF device users, businesses, distributors and manufactures, and includes members from 11 countries. Members can become equine, small animal and human certified in addition to learning up-to-date news on PEMF worldwide.

Company Name: Association of PEMF Professionals

Contact Person: Lauren Ferger

Phone: (502) 741-8807

Country: United States


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